Rusty Schramm Photography
Temple Civic Theatre <br />
Steel Magnolias <br />
2014 Production ( February 14-16 and 20-23)<br />
<br />
For the women of Chinquapin, Louisiana, Truvy’s beauty salon is where the action is. With the help of her eager new assistant Annelle (Halli Watson), the wise-cracking Truvy (Lori Honey­cutt) dispenses rinses, perms and free advice with her own unique brand of Southern sass.<br />
The locals lining up to get their hair done include Clairee (Jo Elwood), the recently widowed wife of the town’s mayor and an ardent football fan, and Ouiser (Janice Wilson), a wealthy curmudgeon with the world’s ugliest dog.<br />
One of Truvy’s best customers is M’Lynn (Andi Billeck), who’s planning the wedding of the season for daughter Shelbi (Marissa Hunt), a small town beauty with some big dreams.<br />
Together these “Steel Magnolias” face good times and bad, triumph and heartache, laughter and tears, with all the grace, charm and fortitude for which Southern ladies are known.<br />
Leon Perkins Director, with Sam Wilds as stage manager. Set by Dustin Ozment, costumes by Brittany Sharkey.

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