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Rusty Schramm

Rusty Schramm is an award-wining photographer based in Central Texas.

My career in photography began like most photographers; as a pretty expensive hobby, however, it didn't take me long to realize I wanted to capture images in a professional manner.  In 2009, with encouragement from my Mother in Law, I applied for and was hired as a photojournalist for the Temple Daily Telegram and continue working for the organization to this day. Photojournalism is a very different medium of photography, which has helped me see subjects in a very unique perspective.  Whether I am covering a traffic accident, natural disaster, or an unspeakable act; I realized very early on, when I am on assignment, my lens acts as the eyes for all those who cannot be at the scene. 


While my day job is in Photojournalism, I try very hard not to limit myself to a specific "type" of photography. I pretty much enjoy capturing anything; however for the sake of spelling it out, here you go.

Fine Art 

Real Estate / Architectural 


Seniors / Portraits / Head-shots

Product / Cuisine 

Specialized Glamour / Features


I will be completely upfront and say I have very limited wedding space; I usually only shoot one or two a year.  Feel free to contact me to inquire about availability. 


Fine Art

Being a photojournalist has taught me one very important lesson; never go anywhere without a camera. Whenever I travel I pack a camera,  you just never know when the perfect subject will show itself. Many of the Fine art shots are just being in the right place at the right time. The majority of these images are available in limited or first edition prints, depending on the image. I limit the first edition runs to 25 pieces.  Most images are available in 8x10. 

Real Estate Photography

One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing the light go off in a Home Owner's, Realtor's or Home Builder's head when they realize how beneficial a Professional series of images can be to selling a home.  It really does make a huge impact. With something like 88% of the information prospective home buyers use to make a decision on wanting to see a home comes from internet searches; and 98% of those Home buyers said the photos were the most useful feature of the Realtor's site, and how they made the decision to actually visit the property. That to me is what we call a "No-Brainer". 

Event Photography

Private parties, Corporate Retreats, whatever you can imagine. 

Seniors / Portraits / Head-Shots 

Pretty self explanatory, however, I really like shooting those "Edgy" senior portraits, you know the ones. Corporate portraits, environmental, etc. 

Product / Cuisine Photography

I have quite a food and product catalogue, If you are a business or restaurant seeking to update your website with your products or dishes, please contact me, and I will be happy to forward my portfolio, and discuss your particular needs. 

Specialized Glamour / Features

Looking for that special shot for that special someone?  In studio or on Location. 


As a child, My brother and I played Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, and Soccer. One of the regrets I have is that there are no real images of me or my brother actually "Playing". Sure there are the traditional team photos, and a couple snapshots of us here and there, but nothing "in action".  Whether it's a baseball game, cheer competition, dance recital or I can capture your little one (or Team) with professional grade equipment and lenses, the same gear you see along the sidelines of an NFL game.  Contact me to discuss options. WE LOVE CAPTURING THAT SPECIAL PLAY!!!

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